Last update: May 2, 2017
Remote Assistance
Remote Agent
(agent.exe 4.74 MB)
WinVNC 4
(vnc-4.0-x86_win32.exe 727 KB)
By RealVNC . Takes control of a remote computer
WinVNC 4
(winvnc4.exe 372 KB)
Replacement EXE to hide tray icon
(UltraVNC-102-Setup.exe 372 KB)
Enhanced version with better security and file transfer
Spyware/Adware Prevention
Startup Control Panel
(StartupCPL.exe 71 KB)
Startup Control similar but better than msconfig, installs itself under Control Panel
Startup Standalone
(Startup.exe 76 KB)
Startup Control similar to msconfig, standalone version
Startup Monitor
(StartupMonitor.msi 125 KB)
Notifies user when a program registers itself to start with Windows
Spyware/Adware Removal
HijackThis! 1.99.1
(HijackThis1991.exe 213 KB)
For advanced users only. Detects browser and shell hijacks
(XviD-1.1.2-01112006.exe 628 KB)
Necessary to play videos encoded with XviD compression
(XviD-1.0-RC4-05042004.exe 579 KB)
Older Version of the codec above (just in case)
(gspot221.rar 121 KB)
Displays which codecs were used to compress a video file
(AC3ACM_0.8.zip 41.9 KB)
AC3 Audio codec
(VobSub_2.23.exe 716 KB)
Allows you to see movies with subtitles
VLC Player
(vlc-0.8.6f-win32.exe 9.27 MB)
Universal Video Player
System Utilities
(DFolder.exe 217 KB)
Breaks down sub-folder sizes under the properties of a particular folder
(cpu-z-138.zip 406 KB)
By CPUID.  Find out information about your system, like bus speed, clock speed, motherboard specs, model numbers, etc.
Password Recovery
Offline NT Password and Registry Editor
(cd040526.iso 3.53 MB)
Linux boot image, to reset passwords stored in the registry of Windows NT, 2000, XP and VISTA.
Dark Courier Font
(Dark Courier.exe 178 KB)
Darker version of the standard mono-space font